Field Recordings from Outer Space

…A hypothetical/mythical frequency or tone that on hearing, the listener’s body would be subject to an instantaneous, uncontrollable discharge of faeces.

Mr. McLaughlin dresses his tall, wiry figure with conservative care, always looking well-groomed and polished. His quiet, earnest, friendly manner and good looks make it seem as if nature has been uncommonly generous with him. He has far more than his quota of good friends scattered across the many, remote lands of his journeys.



Mr. Houston is known for a proficiency with observation, deduction and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic. Mr. Houston also has a devilishly slim build, and sports a three-inch long, thin vertical scar on his right cheek. His eyes are a “cruel” blue and his black hair is kept short, save a solitary comma which rests on his forehead, like Superman’s. He often wears almost no clothes, except for a loincloth.


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